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Screenshot of Keyboard Layout on WyeSoft Pro Typist v2.10

WyeSoft Pro Typist is a free utility designed to teach the user how to touch-type correctly and improve the user's typing speed and accuracy. The primary mode of Pro Typist is exercise mode where you are given strings of text (up to 40 characters long) to type and upon completion are given details on your accuracy and typing speed.

Pro Typist also has a game mode where bombs are dropped with letters, numbers, etc. on them, and to defuse them you have to type the characters as quickly as possible.

Pro Typist comes complete with typing exercises and keyboard layouts for QWERTY and DVORAK keyboards, both United Kingdom and United States standards.

Pro Typist is now completely free and all features are available to everyone. However, if you find it useful, and especially if you are running it on multiple computers in the workplace, please consider making a donation.



To install, open the ZIP file and then open the "setup.exe" file inside it.
While installing, if you are asked whether to keep or replace existing files, choose to keep them.

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WyeSoft Pro Typist v2.10
29 March 2019 WyeSoft 1
WyeSoft 2
1.39 MB MD5: 2FD6FE0D8F9979E299441FC30549A7B2
WyeSoft Pro Typist v2.01
11 December 2010 WyeSoft 1
WyeSoft 2
1.45 MB MD5: E1C8B80729AB720D4341CCF4EA11A3BE
SHA-256: F5C18A6F4995A5251E3CD3F959CB
Pro Typist v1.01
1 December 2003 WyeSoft 1
WyeSoft 2
1.41 MB MD5: F2984295CFC02C20126F67DD584678F9
SHA-256: 3B883969DBC6D64E808F83AB18F9
Pro Typist v1.00
28 October 2003 WyeSoft 1
WyeSoft 2
1.41 MB MD5: 2ABD86CC95D0C9B6FA22495416EB6BEE
SHA-256: 1B0122178767BE64582FBF5E84A8




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